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Notary services

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Contracts for Transfer of Ownership
1 Contracts for Transfer of Ownership
  • Purchase-Sale
  • Life Usufruct
  • Donation
  • Exchange
  • Payment in kind
  • Judicial Award in Auction
  • Constitution of the Condominium Property Regime
2 Trust
  • Trust Escrow
  • Administration
  • Guarantee Trust
  • Assignment of Trustee Rights
  • Extinction of Trust
3 Corporations
  • Corporations
  • Constitution of Corporations
  • Writing and Registration of Minutes
  • Increase or Decrease of Capital
  • Modification of Articles
  • Dissolution
  • Liquidation
  • Merger
  • Division
4 Mortgages
  • Credits
  • Modifying Agreements
  • Mutuals
  • Recognition of Debit with or without guarantee
  • Mortgage Constitution
  • Mortgage Guarantee
  • Pledge Guarantee
  • Credit Contract to Restore Liabilities
  • Cancellations of Credits or Mortgages
Powers of Attorney
5 Powers of Attorney
  • Granting and Revocation.
6 Wills
  • Granting of Testament
  • Revocation of Testament
  • Processing of Testamentary and Intestamentary Successions
  • Testamentary and Intestamentary Adjudications
Other Services
7 Other Services
  • Collation of Certified Documents and Copies
  • Ratification of signatures and content of documents
  • Letter of Authorization to minors to leave the country
  • Interpellation
  • Notification and Fact
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